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   Why dimX
dimensionX is great for Quantity Surveyors because it provides a integrated environment for capturing dimensions, developing feasibility studies and full Bills of Quantities making the management and control of the costs associated with a construction project that much easier. Digital workflows dramatically reduce the reliance on paper.
The Power of CAD
Take advantage of all the benefits of CAD without having to learn CAD and without having CAD installed on your computer!
Minimize data input errors and get accurate measurements by locking onto the precision of CAD drawings. dimensionX extracts data from CAD drawings allowing you to work with the data without changing the original drawing or compromising the design integrity.
Digital Workflow
From initial dimensioning through to your last revisions, we keep an accurate track of scope variations, and because we support a fully digital workflow, we eliminate the need for hardcopy. Archiving is simplified and complete projects or buildings are easily stored and shared between all the interested parties. We offer a free viewer for this purpose.
Capturing Dimensions with What You Have
We have several tools that assist with the take off in DWG, DXF and DWF files. Block Recognition and Poly-line Recognition for area and length measurement, automatic object counts, and of course we have really good tools to take the pain out of layers.
We also support PDF files and graphic files like JPG and BMP and can take measurements from these too. Although, the more intelligence the drawings contain, the quicker and more automatic your estimate will be. With pure graphic files we simply trace over and use rubber-stamp-like tools with calibration to make sure the dimensions taken are to scale.
Ditch the Inefficiency of Paper
A paperless estimating solution saves time, saves money, and reduces printing, handling, storage and retrieval costs. In the office, on site, or on the move, highly portable electronic dimensionX projects can be taken anywhere and shared with ease. Not only is it a smart business choice, but you can also feel good about saving some trees along the way!
Software that Learns
Automatically build specialised cost libraries from real projects to enhance the accuracy of future estimating.
Faster and Smarter Turnaround
Significantly reduce tendering times and costs as dimension X generates cost plans in minutes with smart technology that understands your drawings, design creep, and quantity surveying practices.
Improve productivity as CAD linked cost plans continually assess creep and affordability in parallel with design modifications, while eliminating time consuming manual measurement and digitizer take offs.
Easy to Use
With a modern Windows look-and-feel, the dimensionX interface is a breeze to use.
dimensionX was custom-built by award-winning software engineers to meet the specific needs of the quantity surveying and estimating practices. This intuitive software design is easy to learn, and even easier to use.
Reduce the Cost of Business
Making use of smart estimating technology, faster turn-around means less time spent measuring, verifying and more time spent running your business.
Software costs are quickly recouped by savings in: measurement time, waiting for paper drawings, printing costs, paper handling and storage costs, estimate review time, mobility (no longer be office-bound), report output time, cost plan, estimate and bill of quantities error reductions.

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