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dimensionX 4.1 is the latest release in the Dimtronix range of world-class on-screen measurement software. It features several new important measurement functions and provides support for new technologies and formats such as 64-bit operation, Unicode for international character sets, IFC 4 files and 3D PDFs.
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Support for Windows 8. Support for AutoCAD 2013 DWG file format.
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The release of version 3.31 is the latest innovation in the dimensionX range of products, which is fast becoming the new industry standard in onscreen takeoff software. The 3.31 release is available for all customers under maintenance and includes the following significant changes:
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NEW RELEASE 3.30 - Support for Industry Foundation Classes
Support for Industry Foundation Classes (IFC 2x2, 2x3) data models. IFC is recognised worldwide as the most commonly used interoperable file format for Building Information Modelling (BIM) and is supported by all major CAD software vendors.
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NEW RELEASE 3.21 !!!
This new version of dimensionX has a major upgrade to the drawing engine which loads much faster & manages the memory much better. Get your copy now

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Version 4.1
  • Folder grouping for drawings.
  • Add Multiple Drawings Simultaneously.
  • IFC 4 support.
  • Additional Colours and Hatching for Dimensions
  • Multi-select on the dimensions list and Copy / Delete etc.
  • Separate Measurement Mode and Display Type for Dimension Groups
  • 64bit Support
  • Support for Windows 8.1
  • Measurement with multiple Dimension Groups selected.
  • New ‘Use Tolerance’ option when comparing drawing models by objects which allows minute changes to be ignored.
  • New option in DimensionX Options allowing the user to control whether quantities are shown in the legend on the drawing.
  • PDF file improvements including better display of certain types of embedded images.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur for certain IFC files.
  • Improved model maps support for different drawings and revisions and ‘ (feet) and “ (inch) characters.
  • Several improvements and bug fixes for 3D PDF files with BIM properties.
  • Fixed scaling issue on point mode rebar dimensions in viewports.
  • Several other bug fixes.
Version 3.51
  • Support for Windows 8 computers.
  • Support for 2013 DWG file format.
  • Now possible to import BIM drawings with user defined properties. Extra or missing data from the Model can be imported and used within dimensionX as if the data was in the original model. For example, elemental or other codes could be added for better categorization or missing quantities could be attached to objects.
  • BIM Schedule can now be exported and opened in Excel directly (using XLSX format).
  • It is now possible to highlight / select multiple branches on the model tree allowing various objects to be filtered at the same time with the click of a mouse.
  • Model Tree is now much faster to load.
  • Clicking a line in the Schedule while the Model tab is displayed now highlights the object on the drawing. While on the Model tab, moving the mouse over an object on the drawing highlights the line in the Schedule. This allows properties of the object to be seen real-time as the mouse is moved around the model.
  • Object Properties now available from right click menu of the Schedule.
  • Isolate Object now available from right click menu of the Schedule.
  • Show All Objects now available from right click menu of the Schedule.
  • New Ghost View mode for 3D drawings which shows all the ‘hidden’ objects in a highly transparent form. This mode gives the objects which are not hidden a context within the rest of the building.
  • IFC objects now contain a new property ‘FriendlyTypeName’ which is automatically calculated by dimensionX using the information available in the other Object properties. Friendly names are useful for naming the dimensions and dimension groups when importing BIM data.
  • In IFC files, Level 2 names in the Model Tree now also show a friendlier name based on the Name property of the Object.
  • Area Dimension ‘Quickpoint’ now available in 3D. With the shift key pressed, simply click walls, floors, roofs and other faces to instantly take off the areas.
  • Length Dimension ‘Quickpoint’ now available in 3D. With the shift key pressed, simply move the mouse near surface edge lines to instantly take off the lengths.
  • New option to force drawings located on network drives to be stored using the UNC path instead of the mapped drive letter.
  • The dialog shown when revising a drawing is improved.
  • When revising BIM drawings, the user now controls the revising of the BIM dimensions using a button instead of them being revised automatically.
  • Raster and Vector measurement modes renamed to Line and Point to better reflect their usage.
  • Significantly improved quality, sharpness and speed of black and white rendered images in PDFs.
  • Certain types of PDFs now take less time and use significantly less memory to load.
  • External properties files now supported with 12d and SKP files.
  • Significant speed improvement loading BIM dimensions onto the drawing.
  • Improved speed on certain Sketchup drawings.
  • Improved support for DWF files exported from Navisworks.
  • Improved support for raster PDF files.
Version 3.31
  • New local drawing cache feature allowing a copy of the drawing file to be cached locally on the dimensionX Client PC. The next time the drawing is opened, it is loaded from cache which improves performance especially when the network connection to the drawings is slow. The other great advantage is that drawings can still be displayed when the computer is offline from the network
  • Now supports yards as a unit of measure (as well as square yards and cubic yards).
  • The sidebar position is now saved if it is changed by the user allowing more of the drawing, dimension group, and dimension names to be seen on a widescreen monitor.
  • Export Building menu now has new export type; Data Only without Drawing Files.
  • Option added to dimensionX Options whether to check for Updates.
  • Updated Drawing Optimisation manual.
  • Import Dimension Groups from CSV file.
  • DWG file speed improvements.
  • New Snap button allowing the snap to nearest point feature in raster mode to be turned on or off.
  • In raster mode, the B key now allows snap to point to be briefly toggled (turned off when the Snap button is on or turned on when the Snap button is off). This replaces and enhances the ‘snap off’ functionality of the O key in previous versions.
  • New Raster button for raster mode.
  • Calibration tool can now snap to points on vector drawings for increased accuracy.
  • Mouse pointers on the drawing now indicate the current measurement mode (area, length, count).
  • Rotated drawings can now be calibrated with separate X and Y calibrations even if the drawing has images.
  • Improvements to View in 3D functionality including displaying images and white ‘paper’ backgrounds.
  • Improved hiding\fading of measured lengths and counts when the Measured button is not pressed.
  • Support for Autodesk 2012 drawing formats (DWG, DWF, DWFx).
Drawings (3D & BIM)
  • BIM Templates for Revit imports now support breakdown of objects into component parts.
  • Model map ‘IF’ statements now support < , <= , >= and > for value comparisons.
  • Improvements to IFC BIM Models.
  • Improved support for Sketchup (SKP) files including support for Sketchup version 8 files and speed optimisations.
  • Isolating dimensions on BIM Models is now available at a dimension group folder level (Isolate Folder).
  • New XNUMBER function available in text fields of Model Maps (such as Folder, or Dimension Group) to extract the number values from text properties. For example, using the XNUMBER function on the text “1800mm x 1200mm Sliding Door” would return 1800 or 1200 depending on which number you want.
System Administration
  • Import Standard Dimension Groups from CSV file.(DWG, DWF, DWFx).
VER 3.30 Released!!!!!!
All clients with PAID up ASA fees can request the new version 3.3 from the request page
dimensionX version 3.30 is the latest release of world-class on-screen measurement software. In addition to significant speed improvements in existing functions, it features further development of the 2D and 3D graphics capability and support for several new drawing file formats.
The key new features of dimensionX version 3.30 are:
New and Improved 3D and BIM Functions
  • Support for Industry Foundation Classes (IFC 2x2, 2x3) data models. IFC is recognised worldwide as the most commonly used interoperable file format for Building Information Modelling (BIM) and is supported by all major CAD software vendors. dimensionX v3.30 can be used to load, view and filter 3D IFC models, measure areas, lengths and counts on screen, and automatically import BIM dimensions via default templates or customised Model Maps. With the addition of IFC support, dimensionX v3.30 now has truly universal application.
  • Multi-view display of measured objects. Objects measured and displayed in a 3D view are now also displayed on all associated 2D views and sheets from the same model file. Previously only available by use of the “Add Multi-Sheet” import option, this feature is now standard for all BIM import modes.
  • Zoned display and BIM import. Portions of the model can now be isolated by dragging a rectangle over a selected area to allow zoned display and BIM import.

DimensionX Version 3.30 Release Notes
  • 3D Measure Distance Tool. The Measure Distance tool is now available in 3D views.

New and Improved 2D Functions
  • 3D Projection of 2D Dimensions. Dimensions taken on a 2D drawing can now be displayed in 3D.


  • New Point Mode. Snap to points, polyline selection and block count tools are now available for raster measurement from vector drawing files.
  • Measure Distance tool for multiple segments. The Measure Distance tool will now snap to points, and return values for multiple conjoined segments and the enclosed angle and pitch between them.

Other new features of dimensionX version 3.30 include:
  • Google SketchUp files (.SKP) now supported for 2D and 3D Measurement of counts, lengths and areas.
  • Multipage TIF files now allow all pages to be added at once.
  • Improved support for DGN files.
  • Improved support for PDF files.
  • Significant speed improvements to PDF files with solid fills, images and certain types of hatching.
  • Improved support for publishing comparison drawings to DWF and PDF.
  • Legend and headings now optionally published with the drawing to PDF.
  • Additional checking capabilities for duplicate BIM objects.
  • Now possible to specify the folder when copying a dimension group.
  • The Dimension group name is now shown on the properties hint when the cursor is placed over a dimension on the drawing.
  • Significant speed improvement when exporting Dimensions to Excel®.
  • New notification system which advises users when new dimensionX versions are available.
All clients with PAID up ASA fees can request the new version 3.21 from the request page
New Features since dimX 3.01
  • Windows 7 support
  • New Revisions tab on the ribbon to make revising drawings and workbooks easier and more accessible.
  • A new utility RecoverX is now provided which allows database backup files to be opened,
    and browsed for information to restore. The selected data can be exported from RecoverX
    to an EXF file which can then be imported to DimensionX.
  • Ability to import DimensionX Data as a copy.
  • Supertips are now displayed when you hover over a command in the ribbon. Supertips show
    the name of the feature and the keyboard shortcut (if one exists) as well as a short
    description how the feature works and what it is for.
  • Keyboard shortcuts now shown on context menus.
  • Metric / imperial setting now stored system wide instead of per user. It can still be
    overridden by a user if their measurement system differs from the system wide setting.
Drawings (2D)
  • Full Support for DWFx files (2D and 3D).
  • Support for DGN files.
  • Support for 12D drawing files typically used in civil engineering.
  • Dimension Groups now support weights and 3 other custom dimension properties that the
    user can set per dimension group. For example, you could set the custom fields to hold the
    Cut, Fill and Net Cut/Fill values for the dimensions that are measured.
  • Dimensions list columns can now be defined. Available columns include Name, Floors,
    Count, Length, Height, Area, Volume, Wall Area, Zone, Weight and Date Added.
  • Ability to drag and drop quantities from the Dimension Groups list to Excel.
  • Ability to publish a drawing to DWF.
  • New option to show dimension properties in a text box on the drawing when the mouse is
    placed over the dimension.
  • Hyperlinks in DWF files now supported. Clicking a section marker links to the appropriate
  • More dimension group colours now available for positive dimensions.
  • Now possible to show a legend on the drawing listing the currently shown dimension groups
    and the colour of their dimensions.
  • Ability to change the zone or height of multiple selected dimensions.
  • Layouts with viewports now able to be used for drawing comparisons.
  • Improved Best match algorithms when matching lines automatically between revisions.
  • Speed improvements on larger drawings especially layouts with viewports.
  • Speed and reliability improvements publishing drawing window to PDF.
  • Speed improvements to PDFs
  • Speed improvements taking measurements
  • Speed improvements switching layers on and off and inverting layers
  • Rendering and panning optimisations to assist speed of displaying and moving around large
  • Context menu now shows the length of the selected line on the drawing.
  • Rebar measurement mode now possible with raster drawings (based on raster measurement
  • Improvements to the Measure Distance feature.
  • Now possible to delete multiple dimension groups at once.
  • Vector dimensions can now be converted to raster at any time.
  • Improved functionality when changing height on dimension groups.
  • When adding a drawing containing multiple sheets (such as pages in a PDF or layouts in a
    DWF), the specific set of sheets to import can now be chosen instead of all sheets.
  • Layers list on drawings now displays full length of screen to display more layers at once.
  • When drawings are rotated between revisions, the rotational offset can now be set to allow
    the previous dimensions to be lined up to the new drawing revision.
  • Ability to measure from the same drawing on two separate workstations at the same time.
  • Best Match Working Area option to help focus in on the most relevant area of a drawing
    when the geometry is scattered to the extents of the drawing.
Drawings (3D & BIM
  • Easily create and define Model Maps which allow you to specify how BIM object properties
    map to Dimension Groups and Dimensions using drag and drop.
  • New Model tree view within BIM drawings allowing parts of the model to be easily selected
    and displayed. Eg. Selecting walls in the model tree filters the drawing to display only the
  • Schedule window now available on BIM drawings.
  • 3D measurement tools allowing counts, lengths and areas to be easily taken off 3D drawings.
    All supported 3D drawing formats allow 3D measurements to be taken.
  • Automatically takeoff the areas of face and mesh objects on 3D drawings with shortcut key
    (L key). Depending on the drawing, this often allows complex curved 3D shapes to have their
    surface area measured in a single click.
  • Drawing comparisons are now possible for 3D DWFs from Revit showing what has changed,
    added, removed etc. in a full 3D view.
  • Ability to copy and paste the full schedule window, or part thereof to Excel for further
  • Ability to filter the schedule window by selecting specific branches of the model tree. Eg.
    Selecting Doors in the Model Tree produces an instant Door Schedule.
  • Ability to filter the displayed objects in the drawing using various properties at once. Eg.,
    Show me ‘all the 820 doors on level 2’ or ‘all timber framed windows with a height of
  • Ability to isolate dimension group in addition to isolating a dimension. This only shows
    objects on the drawing that have been measured in the dimension group.
  • Markups now supported on 3D drawings.
  • Ability to set editing restrictions on Model Maps to either Private or Shared. Private Model
    Maps can be viewed by other users but not edited.
  • The display of Object Properties when right clicking on a BIM object on a drawing now has
    an improved layout.
  • Significant speed and memory improvements on BIM drawings (especially on very large
  • Now possible to create a dimension group from an object dimension while a folder is
Projects and Buildings
  • New Projects can now be added from the Select Building dialog.
  • Select All & Select None options provided on the standard dimension groups selection when
    adding a building.
  • Support for Windows 7 including updated Hasp portable license key drivers.
System Administration
  • Icons on the left toolbar now separated into Project and Measurement groups.
  • Ability to dynamically filter and search for items in the lists.
dimensionX 3.01
Following the release of its new 3D engine in version 3.00, we are pleased to announce the release of version 3.01 which extends support to include the Autodesk 2010 formats. Version 3.01 also contains various speed improvements in the product in both the estimating and measuring components. Version 3.00 was a significant development for dimensionX and this latest release also contains general enhancements after feedback from the client base after using the new 3D features.
The biggest change to dimX is the use of RIBBONS in place of menu's as shown below
There are 3 ribbons which display the main options grouped in sections.
Major menu options are available when the dimX button is clicked, which is the button in the top left hand side of ALL ribbon based programs:
the dimX (or app) button.
- Improved revisioning system to further simplify updating dimensions
- User definable colours for dimension groups
- Ability to take raster style measurements from vector drawings
- Extended support for PDF drawings
- Support for Autodesk® 2010 file formats including Revit®
- Improved memory usage for larger drawings
- Integrated Office 2007 style ribbon provides simplified user interface.

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