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   About dimX
Imagine if you ……
Did NOT need paper drawings?
Waiting for any drawings to arrive these days can be nerve wracking as the deadline approaches to produce an estimate/BQ. Getting paper drawings takes much longer & revisions often are NOT marked up properly.
Did NOT need to purchase an expensive A0 digitiser?
the current cost of an A0 digitiser (old technology) is about double the cost of software that can measure for you. A digitiser does NOT measure for you and occupies a large space & is not portable.
Did NOT need to spend thousands on CAD software?
Why spend ANY money on a CAD software system when you are NEVER going to use it to draw anything? Which CAD system do you buy? will it read ANY drawing format? Learning to use a CAD system just so that you can measure from electronic drawings is very time consuming and expensive.
did NOT need to spend a fortune buying a plotter?
Why buy an costly piece of hardware with expensive consumables, just so that you can plot a paper copy? & have to keep on printing every revision? storing all these drawings is costly.
BUT then how can I measure from electronic CAD drawings?
You CAN with…
For that last 6 years ACE Solutions has been searching for a program that will allow the easy, accurate & fast measurement from an electronic drawing. We have finally found one that will satisfy our WinQS clients’ needs. ACE Solutions cc has been appointed an OEM by Exactal, the developer’s of this exciting product which allows the fast & accurate measurement from electronic CAD drawings and even from ‘pdf’ drawings. WinQS is integrated with dimensionX to allow WinQS to read these measurements directly. Currently dimensionX allows electronic drawings to be loaded & measurements can be “taken off” extremely accurately & quickly …. ..NO CAD experience needed
..NO embedded third party CAD software or licences to keep updated
..a quick & simple easy-to-learn user interface
..written by Software Boffins (rocket scientists) & designed by QS’s
..marked Up drawings can be printed showing what was measured
..measurements can be printed and referenced
..areas, lengths & counts for any items can be measured
..perimeter length is AUTOMATIC when measuring an area
..all area & length measurements include a “in No of” count
..saves all work for later reviewing/revising
..comprehensive on-screen Help system
All of these and many more reasons why you should take a serious look at this Xciting and ‘easy to use’ software program that will change the way you …ever measure anything !

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